Complete your security system by integrating the latest technologies

Here at Eclipse Digital Solutions, we have always believed in integrated solutions for our clients’ security systems, as no form of security is complete without the other to have a truly protected environment.
In line with this vision, coping with technology is a must, which means we are always on the lookout not only for the present but for any and all future possible breaches.

Here we focus on one of our newest services that are drone detection and mitigation.

The emergence of the commercial drone as a threat

With its steady and relatively fast rise to popularity, commercial drones are versatile, agile, easily controlled, devices flying around us everywhere. With such popularity and demand, drones became more and more available and affordable, as their control became less complex as well in comparison to early generations.

All of this gave life to highly intelligent add-ons and technologies, which make the commercial drone the modern day threat to security that it is.

What could a drone do to your security measures?

While this is a relatively new frontier for security firms and agencies; the theories of what could be done with a drone are countless and the harmful strategies are already developed and in use.
Some examples that emerged in the past few years are data sniffers, signal manipulators, hacking-device equipped drones, and simply flying over secured zones where there are no actions taken for drone detection.

Corporate security and privacy issues

One growing concern is the threat of the usage of drones against corporations, major companies and business, be it criminally by individuals or by business competitors.
This can be a clear case where proper drone detection and mitigation could save you millions. A small commercial could snoop around an office window, recording voice or snapping pictures at professional precision. It could also land on a building rooftop or an industrial plant while being equipped with high-end hacking devices.

Airports and aviation safety

Any basic search into the issue would show a clear rise in aviation-related incidents where a commercial drone was involved, a rise that is closely related to the rise of sales and availability of the drones.
Major airports are already investing in drone detection, and it is also time for small commercial airports and privately owned establishments to start following this path.

Raising the fences of your private property, extremely up

There was a time when all you needed to achieve true privacy and security in your private property was a high enough fence and perhaps some lights and security cameras.
Nowadays, with the abilities that every commercial drone can have for taking incredibly zoomed clear pictures and videos or voice recordings, one cannot simply achieve actual protection with a system for drone detection integrated with the rest of the property security system.

Laws are not for prevention

Lastly, it must be noted; the fact that there are talks now and motions for tightened laws and regulations for the use of commercial drones does not mean in any way the other fact that laws will be applied to those who trespass it.
As with any other law but, this doesn’t mean you don’t need to protect and acquire proof that harm has been done to yourself, your property or your business with the adequate drone detection systems.