Do Drones Really Benefit Security Companies?

As the use of drones has increased in the past few years, the practical use of these drones has expanded. A big question today is, how can bigger companies benefit from the use of drones? The answer: Security. That’s right, more and more companies are investing in the use of drone security footage to help with security measures.

But are they really that effective? And why are they so effective? Drone security experts, Eclipse drones have the answers.

They Cover a Large Area Quickly

One of the benefits of drone security is the fact that drones can reach areas that humans can’t with the added ease. Not only that, but they take less time to cover larger areas than a normal security guard would, making them incredibly valuable in catching any breaches.

As technology grows, so does the benefits of using drones. One thing that technology companies want to add to drones is for them to identify intruders and follow them with thermal images until further back-up can arrive.

It’s a Great Marketing Opportunity

The security market is estimated to be worth around £10.5 billion annually, meaning that it’s a major investment and tonnes of potential for drone companies. In order to expand that industry, however, will mean that drone companies will have to expand the products and the technology for customers looking for security drones.

Drones offer an amazing security alternative, meaning the labour of security teams is halved as drones can access areas that people cannot. With the amount that the market is estimated at, this business is one that investors should take seriously and jump at the chance to invest.

Where Drones Can’t Measure Up

Although, as the experts in drone security just mentioned, drones have a large potential to fit into the security market, sometimes they just don’t measure up to standards. For example, drones have short battery lives, meaning that they can’t be used 24/7 for security measures.

Another reason that make drone security a bit of a hassle is that someone has to stand and operate the drone at all times once it’s in the air. This is counterproductive when trying to save on labour costs and security time. Although these issues are important when thinking about using drones for security, there’s no denying the possibilities and potential in drone security.

Bigger Companies Are Selling Security Drones

Bigger companies have already jumped on the bandwagon and have developed security drones to sell to companies. Companies like Lockheed Martin, Boeing and General Dynamics all have security drones on the market or in production.

As a leader in the aerospace market, Boeing is a company to keep an eye on due to their innovative ideas and developments in drone security. All deal in commercial drones and military drones, to name a few.

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