Do Drones Really Pose a Threat in the UK?

Eclipse Drone Detection and Mitigation is a security and drone mitigation company that specialises in protecting businesses from the very threat of drone intervention.

Drone technology was originally developed for military use and so its applications can be potentially dangerous if in the wrong hands.

Criminal drone behaviour is on the rise in the UK and worldwide, so much so that businesses, institutions and members of the public are investing in drone detection and mitigation technology more and more.

Who is at Risk of Being Victim to Criminal Drone Behaviour in The UK?

The short answer to this question is just about anyone with anything of value. Whether it may be valuable items, information or the secure nature of your facility, drone detection has the potential to compromise all of the above and more.

To find some examples of places and industries that have previously fallen victim to criminal behaviour look below.

Prison and Secure Facilities in The UK

Drone technology has been helping prisoners and members of secure facilities smuggle various contraband into the prison system since it became available to the public.

Prisoners are attaching contraband such as drugs, mobile phones, weapons and much more to the drone and simply flying it over the perimeter wall of the facility before dead dropping the illicit supplies.

It recently came to light that prisoners had even invented a sophisticated signalling system involving the use of Morse code with the light in their prison cell, to alert and guide the drone to its intended location.

As a drone detection company, we have provided a huge amount of advice and security technology to the prison system in recent years.

Guernsey Prison Employ Skyfence

A prison that has decided to take the fight directly to abusers of drone technology is Guernsey Prison. Rather than wait for drones to begin exploiting their perimeter wall, the prison chose to employ the technology Skyfence to protect themselves.

Skyfence is a technology that emits a protective force field when deployed that protects the entire area it covers. Should a drone fly into the force field, it is stopped in its tracks before being flown back in the direction it came.

This autonomous system is the best defence against drones and requires little human intervention, as it just needs turning on.

Other Businesses and Industries at Risk

Other businesses and industries that are at a similar risk include corporations, factories, the event industry, airports and everything in between.

Drones are now stealing corporate secrets, invading airspace and stealing valuable items.

Its best to speak to a drone detection company in order to be entirely safe.

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