Drone Detection Technology Advancing Throughout UK

Drone detection technology continues to be at the forefront of the news, with a brand-new technology named “Drone Guardian” making its testing debut in Manchester, England. This new technology comes alongside Nesta’s ongoing “Flying High Challenge”, a program dedicated to shaping a positive future for drone technology in the UK.

While this program looks to integrate drone services for the betterment of UK cities in the future, anti-drone systems are also being slowly integrated into everyday city life.

Nesta’s Flying High Challenge

In a partnership with Innovate UK, Nesta’s Flying High Challenge is working with central government bodies, the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) and various other research and technical bodies to bring integrated drone services to five different cities across the UK. Nesta is an innovation-focused charity that is pushing for the UK to become the global leader in people-first drone systems and drone detection.

The project has pinpointed five socially benefitting use-cases for drone systems and services, all of which are being analysed regarding their technical, social and economic implications.

Five Drone Services in Five Cities

The Flying High Challenge has been testing its services in London, the West Midlands, Bradford, Preston and Southampton, with a different function for each location. Drones will be carrying out urgent medical deliveries between NHS facilities in London, with medical deliveries also being explored in Southampton and across the Solent to the Isle of Wight.

In Bradford emergency response drones are being tested with the West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue service while drones will be aiding and responding to traffic incidents in the West Midlands.

Drone Guardian Being Tested in Manchester

While the Flying High Challenge continues in other cities, the city of Manchester is strengthening its drone detection and mitigation capabilities with a new counter-drone technology put out by L3 Communications. Drone Guardian Counter-Unmanned Aircraft System is a scalable and flexible protection system that can be adapted for a variety of settings and locations.

With multiple integrated sensors equipped with drone detection capabilities, Drone Guardian is also able to deploy “an appropriate response to them [drones]”, making it a complete drone detection and mitigation system.

Benefits of Drone Guardian Technology

The technology behind Drone Guardian looks like one of the most advanced and comprehensive drone detection and mitigation systems yet. By collecting a variety of real-time data inputs from radio frequency detection sensors, radars and electro-optical cameras, Drone Guardian can identify drone threats and initiate responses to counteract drone threats.

Drone Guardian’s methods of drone counteraction are jammers and kinetic energy, with specialised training for security personnel to learn and become comfortable with the drone detection technology.

The Drone Guardian seems to be just the beginning for L3 Communications’ foray into drone detection technology. The company has also developed a complete suite of integrated products to improve situational awareness in combat situations and environments.

Contact Eclipse Drones for Drone Detection Technology

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