Types of Drone Security Threats

A drone is essentially a crewless aircraft operated remotely from a controller usually on the ground. Drones have been built for specific purposes such as military drones to reduce casualties of soldiers during wars and some for taking good aerial shots in modern videography among other uses. They are usually fitted with a camera to enable easy navigation, especially over long distances.

With the constant improvements, accessibility, and affordability of these drones, Drone security has become something of major concern especially for people who want to keep their airspaces clear.

Possible security threats posed by drones

The portability of drones and difficulty in establishing their area of operation has led to criminals fitting theses drones with weapons such as guns and sending them off to hit businesses and civilians on the streets. It might lead to a possible increase in crime especially if the drones are readily accessible necessitating Drone security and detection, so countermeasures are vital.

Drones can also be used by terrorist to carry out attacks on specific areas where Drone security measures have not been appropriately installed. They are useful as a cheap way to ferry in explosives and weapons to these locations, or they can be transformed to become lethal airborne improvised explosive devices all which pose a considerable risk to human life and property.

Given their small nature and manoeuvrability drones have become a threat to the security of information. The installed cameras and ability to process information have proved they can pose a risk to sensitive information such as military plans or even loss of intellectual property from individuals which can both lead to significant setbacks.

Drones have microphones that are used to spy and eavesdrop on sensitive conversations which may lead to catastrophic consequences as a result of these conversations being leaked, or aiding of industrial espionage which leads to significant losses. Companies should, therefore, invest in Drone security software and equipment to avoid being targets of surveillance and its associated losses.

Drones can accidentally or intentionally fly into jet engines midair leading to failure of the engines which poses a considerable risk to the passengers in these planes. It necessitates the implementations of no-flying-zones of drones in specific areas to reduce the chances of such an incidence happening.

The increased use of drones poses a risk to the human population. Drones can be stopped midair leading to them falling from the skies, depending on the weight and height of this drones they can hit someone on the ground leading to injury or even death in extreme conditions. They can lose connection and fly into houses or power lines leading to blackouts among other significant possibilities.

Smuggling of contraband through the wall has as well been made easy by the growth of use in drones. Movement of drugs and other illegal goods from one person to another and even across prison walls has become a nuisance. Drone security measures by experts should be put in place to eliminate unlawful activity and restore order otherwise the police alone would have a tough time dealing with crime in the days to come.