DroneShield Secures Largest Counter-Drone Arms Deal

In what is undoubtedly the largest drone mitigation solutions deal in history, DroneShield has partnered with a still-unnamed Middle Eastern Country. The deal is set to be the most expensive one yet for the drone mitigation industry, with DroneShield expecting follow-up orders to help ensure they take the lead in the industry.

Today’s blog post takes a look at this historic deal along with a special focus on DroneShield and the drone mitigation solutions they provide.

What is DroneShield?

DroneShield is the name of a company and technology that provides protection against drones threatening safety, security and privacy. Based in Sydney and Virginia, DroneShield produces what they call DroneGuns, which are highly effective and precise drone disruptors that can interrupt drone operations from up to a kilometre away, with some models capable of even greater distances.

Along with their line of DroneGuns, DroneShield also sells DroneSentry and DroneSentinel, that act as drone detection towers and are also capable of countermeasure, although it’s not specified how or what kind of countermeasure they provide.

Details of the Counter-Drone Deal

DroneShield has agreed on an order for 70 DroneGuns with a still unnamed Middle Eastern country that is said to be “allied with Western governments”. Estimated to be worth around USD 3.2m, the deal was secured through a local distributor named Zariba Security. DroneShield has stated that they see this as a company-defining sale that will help DroneShield cement their lead in the drone mitigation solutions market.

With this set to be the largest drone mitigation solutions deal yet, it’s understandable that it still needs to be approved by US regulators that oversee defence exports. DroneShield expects the deal to be approved within the next two months.

US Regulators Still to Approve DroneGun

While DroneShield has seemingly secured this important drone mitigation solution deal, their signature product, the DroneGun, still hasn’t been authorised as required by the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC). This means that the device is not and cannot be sold or leased in the United States aside from the US government and its agencies.

While some see this as a bad sign for the impending regulation required for their deal, others are considering the fact that the US government might prefer to keep DroneShield’s technology out of their citizen’s hands.

Why do we Need Drone Mitigation Solutions?

As drone technology has become more accessible and available to consumer markets, drones are starting to be used for nefarious and unintended purposes. From snooping and invading privacy to using them to deliver contraband inside prisons, drone mitigation solutions are a necessary evolution to the growing threat that drones pose.

For Drone Mitigation Solutions Call Eclipse Drone Detection

While this drone mitigation solution deal was worth millions of dollars, finding a solution to stop drones from coming onto your property doesn’t have to be that expensive. If you’re concerned about drones and are interested in drone detection services, be sure to call Eclipse Drone Detection at 0870 760 5600.