How to Protect Your Business Against the Threat of Criminal Drone Activity

Eclipse Drone Detection and Mitigation have begun supplying corporate drone detection software to the public and private sector to help combat the very real threat that they impose.

Drone technology was originally invented by the military, because of this, the technology has several very powerful applications.

If put into the wrong hands, drone tech can be a problem and a potentially dangerous one at that.

For business owners, drone technology has the potential to attack profit margins, exploit unique selling points and have a generally negative impact.

To help you get your business up to speed and defended against drone tech, we have put together this simple blog regarding corporate drone detection software.

Understand the Threat  

One thing that we have noticed across the UK is that business owners seem to be marginally unaware of the potential threat that drone technology poses.

Drones are a unique risk as they can enter just about anywhere without permission, they can record and photograph sensitive information such as corporate documents if outfitted with the hacking software they can even remotely hack computer terminals and much more.

Inform Your Staff

Ow that you understand the threat of criminal drone activity, you need to ensure that your staff and team are fully up to speed too.

This way they can remain vigilant in the fight against drone misuse.

This may well mean having a meeting, an email or any other informative document to bring them up to speed. Without this, they cannot be expected to be effective in the fight against drone based criminality.

As a supplier of corporate drone detection software, we know just how important getting your team on board is in the fight against drone misuse. 

Invest in Corporate Drone Detection Software 

The next step in the process is considering what type of counter drone technology you can employ to protect your business.

There are plenty of drone detection and mitigation technologies currently available. They range from manual defence systems to automatic systems and come in a range of prices.

One technology that is currently leading the way in the UK market for corporate drone detection software is SkyFence.

What is SkyFence? 

SkyFence is a perimeter defence system that emits a defensive force field around the area where it is in use.

Once the perimeter has been established, if a drone flies into the force field, it will be turned around and sent back to sender instantly.

The drone will also be tracked so that the owner of the defence system can identify where it has come from.

Contact Your Supplier of Corporate Drone Detection Software

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You can call us today for a friendly chat followed by a no-obligation quote for our drone detection and mitigation services.