How Do Drones Help Farmers

Like every industry, drones have their benefits in aiding farmers in their everyday work. With examples of them working to help them feed and grow crops, the use of drones has become irreplaceable within the agriculture industry.

Drone Detection and Security company, Eclipse Drones, is a leading drone distributer and specialises in their mitigation and security services. As drones are becoming an increasingly popular piece of technology, they’re being used in more and more industries, and the agriculture industry is one of them.

But how do they benefit farmers? What are they able to achieve that farmers can’t achieve already? Let’s find out!

Weed Control

One example of how drones are incredibly useful is helping control weeds within farms. Severe weed infestations can damage and destroy crops and attract unwanted creepy crawlies. Drones help farmers to ward off weeds and such unwanted growths in what farmers call ‘precision farming’.

Drone detection services at Eclipse Drones know that drones help a great deal of industries with a number of issues, but drones helping with weed control is up there with one of the most inventive uses we’ve seen. Drones can create weed infestation maps, helping farmers to see where the build-up is and to then make an effective solution to combat the issue.

Crop Spraying

Drones have the benefit of not needing a runway to fly, as it lifts off vertically. Saving airspace isn’t the only benefit, as it also helps to spray crops whilst hovering above the fields. It can be easily controlled whilst flying a few feet above the fields and can be flown over all types of complex terrain, plants and crops, all of various sizes.

Pesticide spraying is one uses of drones by using aerial application, meaning that it can reach areas at a higher rate than ever before. Before, agriculturists would have to invest in a specialised aircraft to perform this, but now that there’s a cheaper and easier method, is no longer needed.

Captures Crop Processes

Another benefit on the endless list is that they can capture the process of crop growth and allows farmers to see if their crops are thriving or are in critical condition. They also allow farmers to be more precise with irrigation.

A drone could also allow farmers to evaluate whether they need to sacrifice entire crops after an intense storm.

Problem Solvers

Drones allow farmers to evaluate which areas of field need the most attention. Whenever a farmer runs into an issue, a drone will be able to help. They are able to withstand many different climate conditions, making it the perfect kit to help view areas that a farmer may not be able to reach.

Some drones are even able to collect footage and images from high altitudes, some even hitting the 8,000 feet mark. Because of this, they are able to take particular care of their crops in higher volumes. They can even keep a close eye on their livestock and making sure that no one has escaped during the night.

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