How to Protect You and Your Home from Criminalised Drones

Eclipse Drone Detection and Mitigation has been helping members of the public and private sector protect their business and commercial settings through drone detection security.

The risk and threat that drones pose is steadily rising. As drone technology develops and becomes more accessible- the misuse and criminal use of drone technology increases also.

Business owners are funnelling more and more of their money into drone detection security, with home owners standing idly by unaware of how drones could be used to attack them too.

But why do you need to protect your home from drone access and how can you prevent criminal drones from entering your persona space?

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Drones Can Help Criminals

Drone technology was originally developed by the military as surveillance technology, designed to spy on and document enemies.

Drones have the ability to fly into and access just about any space they so wish and so it is easily imaginable that a drone could fly into your home without your allowing it to do so.

Once there, drones are equipped with cameras and video recording devices that have the potential to document the layout of your home and possibly the location of valuable items.

For a burglar, this is the perfect tool for scoping out a potential target.

How Can You Defend Against Drones?

Defending against drones does not have to be complex. It can be as simple as using a small technological device to create a force field around your home.

There are also other anti-drone measure available such as pulse cannons and even drone capturing birds of prey.

Speak to your drone detection security provider for advice on what security measure best suits your home’s needs.

Use Skyfence to Defend Your Home

Skyfence is possibly the most suitable solution for protecting against drones in a home setting.

Skyfence protects against drones by emitting an anti-drone force field, when a drone enters this force field it is stopped dead in its tracks before being turned round and sent back to the operator.

This technology merely needs to be turned on to become effective and once turned on works autonomously without requiring operator input.

Who Is Using Skyfence?

Several different businesses and organisations are currently making use of Skyfence in order to protect their premises.

Corporations are protecting themselves from corporate espionage, prisons are stopping smuggling over perimeter walls, airfields and events are mitigating potential terror threats amongst many more businesses and organisations making use of drone detection security.

We can take inspiration from these types of businesses and follow in their footsteps to introduce drone safety into our homes, suburbs and neighbourhoods.

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