Ireland’s Postal Service Debuts Drone Deliveries Amidst Growing Concerns

Although corporate security drones are typically making the headlines in the drone industry, this week it was Ireland’s postal delivery drone that grabbed everyone’s attention. Although Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos famously revealed in 2013 they would be pioneering air deliveries via drone; the tech giant is still developing Amazon Prime Air, which will be autonomously delivering packages to customers in the unforeseeable future

Until Amazon finishes development on its Prime Air program, we’ll have to keep our eyes on “Postman Padraig”, the named drone that delivered Ireland’s first ever autonomous drone parcel delivery.

Drone Postman Padraig’s First Delivery

On July 5th around 3:30 pm IST, a drone named “Postman Padraig” carried out what was Ireland’s first ever autonomous drone parcel delivery. The length of the journey was 5,561 meters, with Postman Padraig taking between eleven and twelve minutes to complete the trip from Roonagh Pier in Mayo to Clare Island.

Irish postal company An Post noted this is just the beginning, with more plans to use drones for deliveries to rural areas. Postman Padraig’s delivery is a step forward for drone services, even amidst concerns regarding corporate security drones.

Ireland’s Growing Drone Concerns

While Postman Padraig captured news headlines, it didn’t quite manage to charm many of Ireland’s growing homeowners and residents who are increasingly concerned about drone use and the invasion of privacy from unwanted corporate security drones operations. With Ireland set to have 10,000 drones registered by early 2019, the complaints regarding corporate security drones and invasions of privacy due to drones have only continued to rise.

While much of the concern is being placed on whether the drones being used have still photography or full video capability, it’s important to remember that it is not permitted for anyone to use a camera-equipped drone to record personal data, including faces, house numbers or car licence plates.

Amazon Drone Delivery Systems

While Postman Padraig was a huge achievement for Ireland’s corporate security drones and postal industry, it was Amazon who first pioneered using drones for delivery at the end of 2016. While Amazon has used drones for their Prime Air service, it is still in development with only a few select regions able to take advantage of the service.

What is Amazon Prime Air?

Amazon Prime Air is a developing service by Amazon that allows specific deliveries in certain regions to be carried out with the use of an autonomous unmanned aircraft vehicle. Definitely not corporate security drones, these delivery drones used by Amazon can only carry up to five pounds (2.25 kg) with the delivery location having to be within a 10-mile radius of a participating Amazon warehouse.

While Amazon has an Amazon Prime Air fulfilment centre in the Cambridge area in England, it seems like it will take some time before the tech giant is using drones around the world.

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