New Drone Detection Software Detects Drones Filming

In a huge step forward for any drone detection company, a recent study out of Israel has found a method to detect when a drone is capturing video footage. Drones have been a controversial factor in the debate about the invasion of privacy, especially because it is impossible for the naked eye to tell whether or not a drone is capturing and streaming video footage.

Now, thanks to this revolutionary technique, it will be possible to tell whether or not a drone is filming and streaming the footage across an encrypted wi-fi network.

The Drone Snooping Problem

Over the past few years, drone snooping and spying has become a growing concern for people all over the world fearing the invasion of their privacy. A drone’s near-silent flying abilities and digital filming capabilities mean that it’s very easy to be filmed without your consent or knowledge.

This is why researchers at the Ben Gurion University in Beer Sheva looked at how one can figure out whether or not a drone is filming and streaming the video to the drone’s pilot via wi-fi.

Intercepting and Monitoring a Drone’s Video Feed

This new drone detection company technology works by monitoring wi-fi signals that are fairly easy to intercept and look at with a laptop or radio equipment. These signals are a real-time line-graph of how many bytes are being trafficked over the wi-fi connection and correspond to how much activity is occurring on the video feed.

This means that when a drone’s video is of a still image, there are fewer bytes being sent every second (causing a steady low dip in the graph), whereas if there are changes in movement or colour, then more bytes are being sent (causing a clear spike in the graph).

Catching Drone Snoopers in the Act

By monitoring these wi-fi signals, one can understand the activity levels of the drone’s video feed, and even understand whether or not a drone is filming you. The researchers from Ben Gurion University experimented by covering a window being filmed by a drone with a piece of “smart-film” that could flicker between being transparent and white with the press of a button.

Then, while monitoring the line-graph of bytes being transferred over wi-fi, the researches flicked the smart-film back and forth a few times. Sure enough, the change in colour on the video feed caused a clear spike in the graph.

Improving Drone Detection Company Technology

Although this research is a step forward and allows people to find out if their privacy is being invaded, it still needs to be refined and simplified for the consumer market. This said, the technology works from distances of up to 150 feet and can pinpoint exactly where or what a drone is looking at.

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