The Four Biggest Sectors Drones Influence Today

Drones allow many different professional sectors to thrive to their fullest extent. They open doors to these industries that they may not have discovered or benefited from if drones hadn’t of flown into their lives (no pun intended).

Drones have changed the likes of the military, government and security protection agencies, but who else has been affected for the better by drones? Drone detection agency, Eclipse Drones, are going to give you four examples of professional sectors that have drastically improved since the development of drones.


One industry that depends on the qualities and elements of the drone is the construction and engineering sector. This area of business relies on drone technology to help them perform a number of surveys and other processes to help them reduce the time and man-hours to each job.

For example, using drones while performing land surveillance increases the accuracy, reduces the chance of error and reduces the amount of equipment needed for the typically bigger jobs. It means that builders are able to provide their clients with high-resolution aerial shots of overviews of their projects.

Real Estate

As you can imagine, real estate companies have benefited hugely from the use of drones over the last few decades. Drones allow real estate businesses to achieve aerial shots of properties that they wouldn’t usually be able to get a hold of, allowing their clients to have a real feel to what each property is about.

Drones have also allowed real estate companies to create beautiful photography packages of their more high-end properties. Drone detection professionals believe that this is an excellent use of drone technology.

Media and Entertainment

Diving further into the diverse industries that drones have benefited, we come across the media and entertainment industry. Drones allow film companies to create incredibly breath-taking shots without splashing out on a whole helicopter to produce the same shot.

However, media companies have gotten into trouble recently with local laws when getting aerial shots as they tend to cross the line into becoming illegal.


As we’ve mentioned in a previous post, the agriculture industry benefits massively from the development of drones. It has proved to save more than £1 billion a year with the use of drones, as it allows farmers to operate their day-to-day tasks with ease.

It has also allowed them to utilise the drone technology by developing a method of technology that helps water, apply pesticides and fertiliser over their many fields. This then helps them preserve time and money.

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