The Growing Industry of Prison Drone Detection Security 

Eclipse Drone Detection and Mitigation have begun consulting on and providing prison drone detection security to the judicial system within the UK.

After a drone laden with contraband crash-landed in the yard of Manchester’s Strangeways Prison in 2015, prisons around the UK and the world started thinking about prison drone detection security. Back in 2015 the Greater Manchester Police noted the high amount of drones being used to smuggle drugs and phones into prisons, and the number has only risen over the past three years as drones have increased in popularity.

With a single smartphone sold for between £800-£1000 in prison, it’s clear why prisoners have started collaborating with outside friends to sneak in phones and other contraband via drone.

Understanding Drone-based Smuggling in Prisons

In 2013 there had been no instances of unmanned aircraft discovered in or around prisons, but in 2014 the first attempts began with two reportedly found near prisons that year. In 2015 this number increased by 1,550 percent, with 33 drones found. Nowadays it’s estimated that there are at minimum two instances every month of drones being used to smuggle contraband in every month.

90% of Criminal Activity Goes Undetected

With over 90% of drone drop-offs going undetected, it’s not surprising considering the speed at which prisoners are able to execute a drop off. With someone flying the drone to the window of the cell, all a prisoner has to do is grab the drone through the bars, take the contraband, and send the drone back on its way out the window.

Combatting Drone Smuggling with Prison Drone Detection Security 

Just like drones have grown in popularity, prison drone detection security systems have been growing in their relevance and importance. While the danger of importing of illegal drugs into prisons is clear, prisons are especially keen to stop cell phones coming in as they’ve been used to harass former victims and their families.

Guernsey Prison Leading the Way in the UK for Drone Defence Systems

In order to fight this, English prisons have started taking steps in the right direction by investing in prison drone detection security.  In May of 2017 Les Nicolles prison in Guernsey became the first English prison to equip themselves with the Sky Fence defence system. The new system creates a 600m shield around and above the prison in order to control and disrupt the use of drones.

When it comes to prison drone detection security, Skyfence is quite possibly the most effective solution.

The Future of Drone Detection in England and Around the World

Following Les Nicolles prison’s installation last year, the Ministry of Justice has called for the technology to be deployed in prisons across the country. This wasn’t long after the ministry formed a specialised squad of officers to tackle drones and the threats they pose. With the detection system costing around £500,000 for a completely top of the line detection service, prisons will not just be able to detect the location of the drone but also that of the operator.

However, it’s not just in England that drones have been causing problems for prisons. Just in the past couple of months prisons in South Carolina in the United States have been installing prison drone detection security to intercept deliveries. South Carolina has even been discussing possible legislation to restrict drone use around prisons with criminal penalties for violators.

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It’s clear that all over the world prison drone detection security has become a growing concern. If your concerns regarding drones have been growing too, don’t be afraid to contact Eclipse Drone Detection and Mitigation.