The Importance of Robust Drone Security Systems

As the drone industry has been rapidly expanding, there has been a matching increase in drone security threats due to a variety of reasons. As militaries and private companies have begun developing military-level drones, it’s essential to be well protected against this future security threat, especially as these drones start to filter down into the general consumer market.

Whether drone operators are intentionally malicious or just poorly trained, this doesn’t mean that you should be vulnerable to the threats posed by them. Below we’ve outlined the main drone security threats currently posed by Unmanned Aerial vehicles, explaining the importance of drone security.

Invasion of Privacy

Typically people think of threats to their safety as physical dangers; however, too many people forget about the privacy threat that drones pose. With the majority of drones equipped with a camera and video recording capabilities, any drone you’re able to see can be filming or taking pictures of you. Furthermore, many drone cameras are highly-advanced and can film from distances too far for the naked eye to spot the filming drone.

With various reports of drones snooping outside people’s windows, the growing popularity of drones has already caused people’s privacy to suffer.

Data Theft or Illegal Data Distribution

With large drone companies able to film and collect endless amounts of data from their active drones, a growing concern specifically in the United States of America has been the possibility of mass amounts of data being leaked across nations. With the leading drone manufacturer being the Chinese company DJI, the United States has started worrying about the possibility of illegal data distribution between DJI and the Chinese government.

Even if DJI and the Chinese government aren’t collaborating, the possibility of data theft looms large due to the thousands of DJI drones filming and collecting data across the world.

Airborne Collisions

Seen by many as one of the biggest threats caused by drones, collisions with aeroplanes are a massive safety threat for passenger planes especially when taking off or landing. However, it’s not just commercial planes at risk, with helicopters and agricultural aircraft even more at risk due to their low flying altitudes.

While planes have always had to deal with airborne collisions with birds, drones are typically much more substantial and made with hardened materials that move at high speeds.

Untrained Operators

With the recent drone industry boom, there haven’t been enough trained operators to keep up with the demand for drone pilots. There has been a considerable increase in newcomer drone pilots, with many of them not having gone through the proper training to obtain qualifications.

Untrained drone operators pose a considerable threat because of their lack of knowledge regarding restrictions and regulations, along with the basic understanding of how to fly their drone safely.

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