The Security Threat from Above

The more innovation is put into technologies and new products or gadgets, the more new doors are open to new forms of security threats and breaches.
One of the up and coming security threats could be drones. The widespread of drone usage has concurrently caused a widespread of theories to its threat to security, prompting a real need for effective drone detection solution.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions

As it happened with many other technological devices before, no one could ever claim or suggest that drones were invented or built with any ill intentioned. Nevertheless, the accessibility, relative ease of use and versatility of commercial drones has made it a major candidate for harmful use.

Drone detection solutions as public service

To start addressing the gravity of a drone security threat, we should focus first on common goals. Leaving privacy issues aside, areal trespassing or any other personal issues, there are common grounds of public interest in all security measures.

The Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) sector

One of the main areas of common interest and benefit is our CNI. Many security experts, advisors, brainstorming workshops, and university studies have strong theories about what can be done to the CNI via an advanced drone.

Without going into overly technical details, in this day and age, the amount of technologies and add-on devices that commercial drones could be equipped with is on a constant rise; technologies that could manipulate, or directly harm CNI sites, calling for an immediate and efficient drone detection solution.

Sports and entertainment events

Another scenario that could easily be possible; if not right now, then maybe in a very foreseeable future, would be an attack on a large mass of people amassed in one open air venue.

Stadia, open air arenas, music and holiday festivals immediately jump to mind. A criminal, or terrorist mind, stops at no limits in trying to utilise technology to reach its evil goal of harming the innocent.

Almost nothing has the access to an open air venue as a drone would have, and without vigorously investing a drone detection solution for such events, we cannot rest assure they are safe.

Prisons and correctional facilities

One would think there is nothing more secured and secluded than a prison. Fortified fences, guards, bars, locked doors and cells, seems like all the makings of the place nothing could breach.

While this could be true to an extent, there is a flip-side to it; if anything in any way gets past all the previously mentioned security measures, it usually is virtually impossible to detect right away.

This is where the open space of a prison yard for example, could be the only breach to the only thing that could get to it unnoticed; a drone. With an adequate and advanced drone detection solution, we could be able to stop any kind of smuggling of illegal and unwanted items into a prison, from a small weapon or drugs to mobile phones. To find out more information about Drone Detection Solution, please contact Eclipse Drones on 08707605600.