What Defences Against Drones Are Currently Available? 

Eclipse Drone Detection and Mitigation are a provider of specialist drone detection technology. We have been helping business owners, as well as members of the public and private sector, protect themselves, others around them and their assets from the rise of drone criminality.

Drone crime is becoming an issue in the UK, would be criminals are taking advantage of its criminal potential as they seek to exploit the unprotected.

Whether its smuggling contraband into prisons, the stealing of corporate secrets, drones flying into controlled air spaces or any other type of criminality, this technology has the potential to do serious harm.

So what defence systems are currently available to help combat this growing technology?


Skyfence is currently leading eh way when it comes to drone mitigation technology. The way these innovative technology works is by emitting a force field. The force field, when flown into by a drone completely disables the UAV and sends it back to its operator unharmed.

However, it does track the drone as it returns to its operator so that the user of Skyfence tech can track the drone.

Speak to Eclipse Drone Detection and Mitigation- your specialist drone detection technology providers to find out how Skyfence can be implemented at your site to protect your business.


Skywall is a shoulder mounted cannon that fires projectiles that capture drones straight out the sky. Straight out of a movie, this technology is being used by police and security personnel worldwide to stop and prevent unwarranted drone access.

This type of system is more manual than other technologies as the user has to manually fire the defence system.

These systems are effectively taking the fight to drone misusers worldwide, speak to your provider of specialist drone detection technology for advice on making SkyWall a part of your defence system.

Drone Intercepting Birds of Prey

Less technological, birds of prey such as eagles are being trained to intercept drones around the world. Particularly popular in the Netherlands, police services are using birds to literally pull UAVs out of the sky.

Once the bird of prey has intercepted the drone, it will fly it out of the operating radius to a safe zone where it can be collected by the authorities.

DARPA’s Laser

Possibly a little out of the grasp of this specialist drone detection technology provider’s grasp, this technology was developed by the Pentagon to stop UAV’s missiles, bombs and any other types of a projectile entering restricted airspace in its tracks.

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