What is Drone Mitigation?

When it comes to drone threats, the term ‘Drone Mitigation‘ is thrown around an awful lot. If you’re not familiar with drone security, then drone mitigation might be a bit confusing to get your head around.

The term drone mitigation is describing the act of defending against drone threats and what it is you can do to avoid any accidents or breaches of security. Security issues have, increased over the last few years since the rise in popularity of drones, posing a difficult situation for many regarding safety. But what does drone mitigation really mean?

Two Types of Protection

There are currently two ways you can protect yourself from drone threats, more commonly known as drone mitigation. Firstly, you have passive protection, which you can implement in any facility to stop any breaches or accidents. Secondly, there is the active protection route; This means to deploy a second drone to stop the first drone from reaching its intended target.

Both are measures that you can take to protect yourself and your facility that will work and be increasingly effective each time.

Passive Protection

Passive protection is the act of taking preventative measures to protect any areas that could be affected by drone infiltrations. These measures include the act of blocking sensitive areas from view, locking doors and gates, searching for dropped objects and even leading people to safety.

Any of these options are effective when defending yourself against drone threats, and are easy to instigate. The advantages definitely outweigh the disadvantages – As it is highly effective, makes sure that the drone doesn’t crash or cause any further damage and doesn’t even need approval or authorisation to implement.

Active Protection

As mentioned above, active protection is a more head-on approach to avoiding drone threats and breaches. From counter-drones to anti-drone nets, much can be done to protect yourself regarding drone threats.

With the active protection options, the disadvantages are more often than the advantages. Although a counter-drone could seem more effective in stopping drone threats, the reality is that the drone is more likely to come across issues rather than fixing the original issue.
For example, the drone will be stopped, but there is a lower chance of them both landing safely. There is a wide range of other options under the active protection umbrella, all as effectively as the last, with equal amounts of disadvantages.

Other Ways You Can Avoid Drone Attacks

Drone mitigation options are broad, with many different routes for you to be able to go down to protect yourself and others. Other ways can include using a jammer and spoofer, meaning that the original drone connection hijacked and forced to either change direction or return to its starting position.

Other options can include using firearms to destroy the drone before it reaches its intended target. This means that the drone is stopped, but also needs legal approval and can only be attempted at short ranges which may not be ideal if the drone is particularly dangerous.

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