What Top Security Threats is the UK Currently Facing?

Eclipse Drone Detection and Mitigation is a UK drone detection company that strives to protect the residents of the UK from impending threats such as criminal drone use.

The UK in modern times faces many threats, the rise of technology has brought with it contemporary worries and causes for concern that need to be addressed so that we can remain safe at all times.

But what are the current top threats that the UK is currently facing?

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One of the biggest threats in modern day life around the globe is terrorism. Radicalisation has given birth to a new wave of militant individuals attempting to disrupt, injure and kill in the name of their own personal beliefs and ideologies.

Recent terrorist attacks within the UK have proven that we may not be as safe in Great Britain as we once thought.

One item of technology that could potentially be used for terrorist activity is drone technology.

The unique ability to remotely pilot a UAV and fly it into any zone has plenty of potential dangerous applications.

We need to remember that this type of technology was originally developed by the military and therefore can be dangerous in the wrong hands.

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Espionage and the stealing of secrets has never been as common as it is today. Many industries and types of organisation are the target for espionage, with secrets, passwords, bank details and much more being targeted.

Corporate espionage is becoming increasingly common, it involves the stealing of corporate secrets and it is often achieved by those abusing drone technology.

Yes, that’s right there are actually people flying drones into board rooms and business premises to steal corporate secrets. Also, there are criminals stealing secrets from organisations such as MI6 through the misuses of drone technology.

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Cyber Attacks

Cyber-attacks and cybercrime are becoming more and more common globally and in the UK. Hackers are targeting everyone in an attempt to access files, bank accounts and much more unlawfully.

The reality is that; cyber security needs to be upheld in a modern society to protect against cyber-attacks.

Drone technology has even played its part in helping cybercrime, drones are being flown into proximity of computer terminals in order to carry out remote hacking of systems.

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