World Drone Congress 2018 Showcases Booming Drone Industry

This past Friday, the 2018 World Drone Congress began with hundreds of consumer drones on display amidst growing desires for better drone detection technology. Hosted in Shenzhen, China, the 2018 World Drone Congress happened in concurrence with the Third Shenzhen International UAV EXPO 2018, with both conferences showing off the latest advances in unmanned airborne vehicle technology.

From drones that can take selfies to synchronised flying drones, keep reading for all of the latest drone news out of the 2018 World Drone Congress.
Decorative Drones on Display

As drones have started becoming more consumer and civilian-friendly, drone companies have started exploring more commercial and decorative avenues upon which to specialise. One of the most impressive displays was a mini-drone capable of snapping selfies and folding into a cell phone case, making itself appealing to everyday civilian use.

However, some of the bigger hitters were the group of colourfully lit synchronised flying drones. Able to be flown in patterns and shapes like a heart or a dolphin, these decorative drones are looking to crack the entertainment market for large-scale ceremonies.

Industrial Level Drones

Just like there were small-scale civilian drones at the Congress and EXPO, there were also plenty of industrial-level drones being displayed with various corporate uses. One Chinese company was showing off a drone weighing 200 kg and able to carry 300 kg of fertiliser.

Along with this, a fire-fighting drone able to carry up to 25 kg of a fire-extinguishing agent was on display, showing that maybe drone detection technologies aren’t overly necessary for every single UAV.

China’s Unstoppable Drone Industry

The Congress and Expo in Shenzhen were a stark reminder of China’s incredible dominance in the drone industry. While there weren’t many drone detection companies present, reportedly there are more than 1,200 companies engaged in the development and production of drones and related components within China.

While this lead in the drone sector is primarily due to DJI a Shenzhen-based drone company that carries more than 70% of the world drone industry by itself. This conference and expo have only further cemented the dominant position of China in the drone market.

Chinese Military Also Investing in Drones

If this industry lead wasn’t enough, it was recently revealed that China has been using bird-like drones to watch their residents. These high-tech bird drones are so convincing that real birds have been reported to often fly beside them. Equipped with a GPS antenna, camera and data link, these bird drones have been flying around regions near China’s borders with other countries.

While these bird drones seem harmless for now, it only adds to the list of reasons why drone detection technology needs to reach the mainstream.

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While this conference has shown some of the advances in drone technology, it’s nothing compared to what governments like China have already been doing with drones. If you feel like you’re in need of drone detection technology, don’t be afraid to call Eclipse Drone Detection and Mitigation today at 08707605600.